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Wealth Preservation Services

Financial success is a choice. It results from the many small decisions you make each and every day.


David M. Jones provides innovative estate planning strategies for you and your family. We specialize in serving clients aged 60 and over, with an estate valued at $5 million or more.

We understand that preserving your family wealth for future generations is a significant challenge in today’s volatile markets. It is truly a matter for qualified experts in the fields of investments, insurance and Life Settlements.

    Life Settlements Are Our Primary Expertise

    We provide options for your existing life insurance policy. With the estate tax exemption at $12 million per spouse, many people feel they no longer need their life insurance policies that were purchased many years ago to offset estate taxes.

    We specialize in assisting families to SELL their existing life insurance policies for cash or a retained death benefit. David M. Jones & Associates has completed hundreds of sales on behalf of satisfied clients since the market opened around year 2000.

    We are paid a fee by the purchasing company. If we are not able to obtain an offer for your policy, or you do not accept the offer- we do not charge a fee so you can allow us to shop the market on your behalf free of charge.

    Call or email to find out what your policy may be worth.

    Please Accept This Invitation

    We invite you to consult with David, privately and in person, with no obligation. We will be happy to schedule an appointment with you at your convenience in our office, your home, or a location of your choosing.