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Michael & Eleanor Demaio

“We found David by attending one of his seminars. Normally we’re a little reluctant about these kinds of things, but we were very impressed with him. It’s been seven or eight years now and we’ve never been disappointed. We realize he’s a businessman, but he still always keeps our interests at heart. A very honest, reputable, caring person.”

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Dr. Charles McCarthy

“The reason I started talking to David was due to a recommendation from a friend. But the reason I stay with him is because of how enjoyable it is to work with him. He’s accessible. He returns calls. He’s really sensitive to my goals and desires; I don’t have to diagram it for him. David just gets it – and gets it quickly.”

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Leon & Betty Niles

“We are so glad we found David. We were kind of floundering – not knowing what we should be doing with our insurance and estate planning. But David has us feeling very much in control now. Whenever we have a question, we can just pick up the phone and he’ll have the answer. And he always has time for us. Always.”

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Arthur & Virginia Read

“Personally and professionally, David’s integrity is above reproach and you can tell that just a short time after working with him. It’s just something you never have to think about with him. For the four years or so that we’ve been his clients, we have always found him to be very easy to communicate with – you can ask him all the questions you want, and he makes sure you really understand the programs he offers. Even beyond insurance investments, he has very good contacts throughout the financial advisory community.”

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Jack & Magdalen Sheehan

“You know, each of us can be really good at one thing – and estate planning isn’t ours. We got where we are with our own particular area of expertise. But we’re so glad we’ve got David for the financial planning end of things. Everything he has ever suggested to us has been successful, especially relative to insurance. And he doesn’t put on airs or a big show. We first met David on the recommendation of a friend about 10 years ago. And we wouldn’t hesitate to refer him to anyone else.”

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Richard & Carol Timbers

“David’s really knowledgeable about the industry, his products, and financial planning in general. He’s very thoughtful and thoroughly analyzes our needs before he brings us his recommendations. But I think we’re most comfortable working with David simply because he’s a very nice person. Low key, thoughtful, just a good man.”