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shutterstock_70975837At David M. Jones & Associates, we understand the importance of planning for the future. While we may specialize in serving clients 60 years old and older, planning is typically to benefit younger generations. That’s why we believe that funding the education of future business leaders is so important.

The price for obtaining an education is on the rise. Expenses for attending a four-year college in pursuit of a degree typically ranges from $28,000-$68,000 per year and is anticipated to increase in coming years. The rise in college tuition has proven to be difficult for many families to afford and has compelled many to rely on financial aid to cover the costs.

When it comes to receiving financial aid, the disparity between a family’s household income and qualification for financial aid coverage appears to be hitting middle-class families the hardest. A problem that many families are facing is that they have become too poor to afford college tuition, yet too rich to qualify for financial aid. When considering financial aid, the government chooses how much of the tuition the family is capable of paying based on the family’s income and then compensates the remaining amount. Therefore, a middle-class family’s household income can easily prevent the student from obtaining a higher level of funding.

2015-Scholarship-WinnersIn order to meet the needs of these middle-class families and bridge the financial gap here in our own community, the David M. and Judy B. Jones Scholarship Fund was founded in 2009. The goal of this fund is to provide promising students with a chance to be free from academic loan debt and to focus on furthering their educations. Each year, these scholarships are awarded to students of high academic standing and are designed to assist students that come from low-income or middle-class families that cannot afford the financial burden of a college degree. Through this scholarship foundation, students are awarded either a $5,000 scholarship that is renewable for four years, or a $2,500 non-renewable scholarship.

Since its launch, we’re proud to have awarded 50 students with more than $400,000 in donated scholarship funds to pursue their dreams of a college education. Most recently, we presented eight 2017 graduating Barron Collier High School seniors with $50,000 in scholarship funds to support the costs of college tuition, books and student housing.

Our company is honored to play a role in these students’ educational journey. There is no better feeling than helping a hard-working student further their education and follow a path that will lead to success. This experience has inspired our business, encouraged scholarship recipients, and comforted the families of these hard-working students by giving them peace of mind in knowing that their child will receive the education that they are working so hard to obtain.

At David M. Jones & Associates, we encourage you to think ahead and prepare for the educational future of your children and grandchildren. Through a life insurance policy, you can choose to set aside money for loved ones to help alleviate the financial burden of paying for college. If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your options, contact our office today by calling 239-649-7600 or sending me an email at info@davidmjones.com.